Arthritis Knee Exercises

With no cure currently available, the treatment for arthritis must include exercises to provide a soothing effect to the affected joint to alleviate pain, maintain, or improve joint mobility, increase the muscle strength of the joints, and minimize the disabling effects of the disease. Knee exercise gives effective relief. Yoga is better than physiotherapy exercises according to various authoritative research.

Erase Knee Pain

Arthritis knee exercise can relieve pain by creating more mobility in painful joints and inflammation. Yoga for Arthritis enhances the flexibility while stretching and strengthening the muscles around the knee joints.

1. Quadricep Drill Exercise:

Sit, Keeping the legs straight, keep both the hands on the sides touching the floor. While pressing and releasing the kneecaps, perform the action of contraction and expansion. After this, interlock the fingers of both the hands underneath the right knee and hold the thigh. Then fold the leg inwards bringing it as close to the hip as possible and while performing the cycling action make a circle moving the foot forward. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.
Benefits: Helps to reduce knee pain by exercising the knee muscles and proper blood circulation.

2. Knee Exercise:

Standing straight keep both heels and knees together, touching each other. Put both the palms on the knees and rotate in a circular motion, first in the left and then in the right direction. Repeat this exercise five to seven times.
Benefits: Contracting the knee muscles helps to gain back the flexibility of knees and legs.

3. Lifting of Knee Joint Pillow Under The Knee:

Sit with a pillow under your knees. Now move and lift your knees for 10 times.
Benefits: Maintain proper blood and oxygen circulation giving a pain free feeling.

4. Dangling Exercise:

Sit on a chair. Now do the leg movement for 20 times.
Benefits: Increases the range of motion and flexibility of legs.

5. Static Dangling Exercise:

Sit on a chair. Now move your legs up and put your feet inside. Hold the posture and count 5. After that bring your legs in to normal position. Repeat the exercise for 5 sets.
Benefits: Helps in pain management. The holding posture gives your better comfort from arthritis pain.


Lift your hands in front till shoulder level. Bend from knees as shown. Hold the posture for 5 counts. Move up to normal position. Repeat this for 2 sets.
Benefits: Brings flexibility making your knees and legs supple.

7. Stick Pose OR Crawling Pose:

Lie down straight. Put your hands up above your head. Interlocked your thumbs. Now stretch your upper body towards upward and lower body towards downward, so that your whole body gets stretched. Hold the posture for 10 counts. Come back to normal position and again repeat the asana. Then take rest in Corpse pose.

8. BREATHING (right to right, left to left) :

Sit in Easy and close your left nostril with ring and little finger as shown in the video. Now close your eyes and breathe in through right nostril. Then block your right nostril with thumb and breathe out with left nostril. Again breathe in with left nostril. Close your left nostril and breathe out with right nostril. Do this for 10 times. Change your legs and again do for 10 times.
Benefits: Breathing exercises gives better oxygen supply to all parts of body providing a feeling of calmness and balanced between mind and body.

9. Khechuri:

Sit in Lotus pose with closed eyes. Now roll your tongue to touch the palate. Count 10. Return to normal position. Change your legs and repeat the same again.
Benefits: Increases vitality and energy to work.


Lie down straight. Close your eyes. Relax your whole body without getting any tension and nervous as if you are feeling sleepy. Do this for 5 minutes.
Benefits: Completely make you out of tension. Relaxes mind and body giving you a feeling of well-being.