Different Exercises For Gastritis

1. Leg Circling:

This exercise neutralizes the gas and helps it to pass.

2. Leg Crossing:

By performing this exercise, the gas that is locked in our body gets released and passes out.

3. Leg Raising:

A useful exercise strengthening the body muscles and abdominal muscles which helps in removing gas from our system.

4. Lifting of Buttock:

The accumulated gas is removed from our system by this exercise.

5. Wind Relieving Poses:

An efficient gastritis treatment for all stomach problems

Directly helps in curing all stomach-related problems.

6. Leg Raised Poses:

An excellent yoga treatment for gas problems.


Makes the back and abdominal muscles strong and neutralizes accumulated gas and releases it.


This is a quick therapeutic treatment for removal of gas from our system.

9. Breathing Exercises::

Provides strength to the body muscles and releases the accumulated gas from the body.

10. Corpse pose:

Relax and enjoy the benefits of this.