Understanding Acute Anxiety Disorder

Mental and emotional troubles, such as Acute Anxiety Disorder is usually the result of long term tension or mental fatigue which creates disturbances in our energy flow.

Mild anxiety is indistinct and bearable, while acute anxiety disorder can be extremely distressing. It causes limitless worry, apprehension, nervousness and fear. It can have severe impact on our daily routine and opens the gate for multitude of stress related chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

It is detectable when a person has a disturbed sleep or when he is not able to execute his functions smoothly.

This disorder can have both psychological and physical symptoms. You would experience tiredness, irritability, anger, increased pulse rate, heartbeats, palpitation, perspiration, mouth becoming dry, lack of concentration and sleeping difficulties.

Dealing with depression and acute anxiety requires treatment through medicine as well as specific yoga routine.

Heal Your Mind & Body With Yoga

Anxiety and Depression treatment by yoga therapy eliminates the emotional . blocks that prevent us from leading a healthy life and restores mind and body harmony.

Practicing exercises helps counteract anxiety-driven depression as it reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. A regular yoga routine of exercise and stretching stimulates metabolism and increases energy through much improved oxygenation, while Meditation and breathing exercises stabilizes and soothe the mind.

Yoga Treatment for Acute Anxiety Disorder

Yoga intensifies and re-balances hormonal state of the body. Mental focus on the poses combined with breathing and physical strive, not only helps to stop destructive obsessive thinking, but also trains the mind to attain calmness.

Practice these generalized yoga exercises to deal with depression and anxiety disorder.

1. Yoga Breathing:

Helps in controlling temper and calms the mind. It is the first step of anxiety and depression treatment.

2. Deep Breathing With Folding Hands:

This exercise oxygenates the body, kick starts metabolism, focuses the mind and gives relief.

3. Neck Exercises for Acute Anxiety Disorder:

Help in strengthening the neck and body muscles and relieves tension and emotional problems.

4. Back Bending:

Relieves pain in the back muscles and reduces tension, tiredness and other psychosomatic disorders.

5. Legs Up The Wall Pose:

A very effective exercise for acute anxiety disorder and depression treatment.

6. Fish Pose:

Known as 'the destroyer of all diseases', it keeps our mind calm and also uplifts our spirit.

7. Breathing (right to right & left to left) :

Key Breathing to discipline the mind. Very effective for relief from anxiety and depression treatment.

8. Meditation:

Practicing this technique regularly will alleviate diseases and relieve tension.

9. Corpse Pose:

The relaxed posture after every asana that activates blood to nourish the specific organ exercised.