There are several natural cures for insomnia.

1. Valerian, a herb, which is an over-the-counter insomnia remedy in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, and Italy.

2. Melatonin, a hormone which is naturally found in the body.

3. Kava, a herb, which is ideal for curing anxiety-related problems.

4. Aromatherapy, the English Lavender scent used as a folk remedy to help people fall asleep.

5. Proper diet, containing carbohydrates and magnesium rich foods. Caffeine and sweets should be avoided.

Apart from the above, there are other natural cures for insomnia such as, light, music, acupuncture, relaxation techniques etc.

Yoga is a combination of meditation, deep breathing and stretching which helps to beat stress, relaxes the mind and get better sleep at night. Yoga works well even in people suffering from severe insomnia.

Classification of insomnia

Insomnia can be classified in the following ways:

Symptoms lasting less than one week are known as Transient Insomnia.

Symptoms lasting between one to three weeks are known as Short-Term Insomnia.

Symptoms longer than three weeks are known as Chronic Insomnia.

Besides the above, severe insomnia can also be treated by natural yoga therapy.

Causes of Insomnia

• Depression • Anxiety • Mania • Stress at work place • Excessive or unpleasant noise • Presence of an acute illness or hospitalization • Menopause and hot flashes • An overactive thyroid • Conditions that make it hard to breathe, such as asthma and heart failure • Uncomfortable room temperature (too hot or too cold)

Symptoms of Insomnia

1. Causes Vehicle accidents because of fatigued, sleep-deprived drivers.
2. Poor concentration and ability to focus.
3. Problems with retention or memory.
4. Irritability and impaired social interaction.
5. Sleepiness during the day.


1. Yoga Breathing:

Relieves pain in the back muscles and reduces tension, tiredness and other psychosomatic disorders.

2. Deep Breathing With Folding Hands:

A very effective exercise for acute anxiety disorder and depression treatment.

3. Neck Exercises (4 kinds):

These exercises strengthen the neck muscles and relieve neck pain since neck troubles may sometimes give rise to disturbed sleep.

4. Back Arching & Toe Touching:

Known as 'the destroyer of all diseases', it keeps our mind calm and also uplifts our spirit.


Best to practice in the morning as it relieves stiffness and revitalises the body and also refreshes the mind.

6. Cow Face Posture:

Stretches each part of the body and makes it flexible; also it relieves of tiredness and refreshes the mind.

7. Breathing Exercises:

Has a good impact on the mind and body.

8. Meditation:

Essential for each of us for a healthy mind and body.

9. Corpse Pose:

Mandatory for every asana to be followed by this relaxation posture.