Female Diseases

Female health problems concerning the reproductive organs and its related parts in a female are termed as female diseases. Women of any age can contract these diseases but generally the trend is towards middle aged women suffering from these female diseases.

There are many endocrinal (hormonal) problems like thyroid which are mainly found in women. This results in certain biological changes such as Menstrual period irregular periods, stoppage of menstrual flow or accompanied with pain, increased or decreased quantity of blood, backache during menstrual period, pain and heaviness on head, irritable or gloomy nature, loss of appetite.

Now a days, these type of female health problems have become very common in almost all women irrespective of age.

The main reason is due to Polycystic ovary syndrome.
Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common hormonal disorder that may be characterized by cysts or fibroids on the ovaries, excess androgen, infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, infrequent or lack of ovulation, excess hair growth, acne or obesity.

Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome are insulin resistant, which impairs the body's ability to effectively use insulin. Obesity can make insulin resistance worse. Weight loss can improve both insulin and androgen levels and may even restore ovulation. But one can get rid out of these female health problems through different kinds of yoga.

By doing proper yoga one can reduce her weight and at the same time asana help to maintain a proper blood circulation of our body. For example, by doing Throne pose (Gentle posture) one can easily get rid out of this menstrual problem. Apart from this, by doing yoga one can improve and satisfy her sexual life.

The female body is one of nature’s most wonderful and complex creations. It is the origin of all human life. A woman’s journey in life is punctuated by many milestones; childhood, puberty, matrimony, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood. So to remain healthy and stay fit practice yoga throughout life.

Exercises for Women

1. Leg Circling:

Helps in controlling temper and calms the mind. It is the first step of anxiety and depression treatment.

2. Leg Lifting:

Alleviates backache as well as leg and feet cramping and strengthens the leg muscles and pelvis.

3. Sit Up:

Is beneficial in reducing belly fat.

4. Back arching and toe touching:

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and reduces back pain.

5. Wind Relieving poses:

Practising this regularly can relieve stomach-related problems and in improving female reproductive health.

6. The Gentle Posture:

Relieves stiffness in the knee and ankle joints and its practice can have a positive impact on kidney, urinary bladder and prostrate problems.

7. Cow Face Pose:

Key Breathing to discipline the mind. Very effective for relief from anxiety and depression treatment.


It is beneficial for menstrual disorder in females. It strengthens the kidneys and cures urinary problems. It is beneficial in cases of urination due to fear

9. Lotus pose:

It increases the flow of blood to the lower region of the body and thereby, tones up the lower back and abdomen.
Lotus pose is the most recommended yoga asana which helps to improve concentration, giving high spirits with peace and longevity. Performing different Breathing exercises and meditation in Lotus Pose would offer physical and mental balance and stability. One would overcome the problem of stiff legs, knees and ankles by regular practice of Lotus pose. It prevents abdominal diseases like digestion and constipation and also female disorders connected with reproductive organs.

10. NOULI:

It is very beneficial in gynecological problems, painful menstruation.

11. Breathing (right to right, left to left) :

This exercise eliminates both physical and mental disorders.