Breathing exercises benefits can be derived by practicing Breathing exercises regularly as a bridge between our mind and body. By concentrating on the breath the mind becomes calm and balanced.

The lifespan of our body increases as the rate of breathing reduces. For example, the giant tortoise, which takes three breaths a minute, can live about 180 years, whereas a dog, which takes twenty four breaths a minute, has a life span of about ten to fourteen years. A regular practice of various pranayama benefits us to control our mind and slows the breath so that the higher life-force can manifest. During the practice of Breathing exercises, the mind concentrates on inhalation, exhalation. Our body gets the supply of oxygen through inhalation and exhalation expels waste products and toxins from the body.


Breathing Exercise: Step-by-Step Instructions



1. Sit on Easy pose.

2. Stretch the left hand without any bending and keep on left knee

3. On left hand by making a circle with the tip of thumb and index finger touching each other. Rest of the fingers to be opened outwards.

4. Close the index and middle fingers of the right hand. Keep rest of the fingers opened

5. Block the left nostril with right hand’s ring finger. Take long breath through right nostril and hold.

6. Then, block the right nostril with the thumb of right hand and exhale through left nostril.

7. Now inhale through left nostril and hold.(Take note that both step 7 and 8 happening on same nostril)

8. Block the left nostril with right hand’s ring finger and exhale. Again inhale through right nostril and hold. Follow step (5) to (8) herein afterwards.

Note: Close your eyes while doing Breathing exercise.

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