Quadricep-Drill For Painful Knee Joints


Quadricep-drill for painful knee joints will help to make your knees stronger and less prone to injury. Knees are the most common joints which get injured. Exercise strengthens the muscles around the knees and hence improves the flexibility, mobility, balance. This exercise will give you relieve from painful knee joints. It is very easy to perform and can be done anywhere.



Quadricep Drill Exercise: Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Sit on an even floor. Place the arms beside or behind the body to give support. (see the Image)



2. Stretch your both legs. Now, contract both the knee muscles and hold for five seconds. (Or count 1 to 5 in your mind)



3. Relieve the muscles after five seconds. Sit Straight. Keep the normal breathing procedure for this exercise.



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