Regular workout with proper guidance can make your belly fat loss easily and comfortably. By watching the full video of leg circling, you might think that how can this easy and simple exercise can shed my excess fat? But you will prove yourself to be wrong after practicing this for 2-3 weeks or so. Believing the fact is the basic step which you need to take before starting the exercise. The fact is that your belief with regular practice of workout will help you loose your belly fat.



Leg Circling: Step-by-Step Instructions




1. Lie down straight and place both hands under the hips keeping the palms downwards.

2. Now lift both legs by about one foot.

3. Make circular movement, circling right leg clockwise and left leg anticlockwise. Do this as suggested.

4. Now reverse the direction with left leg circling clockwise and right leg anticlockwise. Do this as suggested.

5. After completing rest your legs on ground.

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