It can be termed as yoga for asthama, depression and neck pain. This yoga for asthma expands the chest by increasing lung capacity. Strengthens the back muscles. Fish posture encourages deep breathing hence beneficial for depression and anxiety.



Fish Posture: Step-by-Step Instructions




1. Sit in Lotus pose

2. Lie back with the legs on the floor. Place both hands on the ground, to the side of the knees.

3. Take a long breath and exhale. Taking the weight on the palms, lift the head and chest off the ground.

4. Bring the center of the crown of the head to the ground by bending the dorsal and cervical spine backwards. The upper body will take a shape of an arch now.

5. Free the hands after the weight is balanced on the head. Hold them to the big toes by hooking the index fingers around, only elbows should touch the ground (see the Image).

6. Hold this position, with deep breathing..

7. Then release your hands and release your head with the help of your hands. Then release your legs

8. Take rest in Corpse pose.

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