Half – Tortoise posture helps to lose stomach fat. It can lose stomach fat as the abdominal muscles get well developed and be more flexible with the asana. This asana will rejuvenate you from the digestive problems like indigestiongastritis. Regular practice of this posture helps to slow down the process of ageing and thus takes care of your skin.



Half -Tortoise Posture: Step-by-Step Instructions



1. Sit down on your knees like Diamond posture.

2. Then raise your hands up sidewise and join your palms.

3. Now bend your body forward along with your hands and hip should be touched with ankles.

4. Your forehead should rest on the ground and stretch your arms in front with your palms touching the floor.

5. Hold this position and count with normal breathing.

6. Then take rest in Corpse pose.

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