Stand up keeping a distance of one to one and a half foot between the feet, with the hands on the knees, press the knees with the hands. Look at the ground. Exhale fully and pull the stomach inwards to such an extent that the stomach touches the back. Then push the stomach out. Repeat this exercise according to your capacity. This will soften the stomach and help in doing nouli process.

Now for doing nouli, keep bending as before. While pressing the knees, contract the stomach from both sides and pushing out the centre portion, try to push out both the muscles in the front.

When you feel like inhaling, inhale and then again repeat the exercise, as done earlier

It definitely cures dyspepsia, constipation, gas diarrhea, sprue-syndrome, obesity of the abdomen, etc.

It is also beneficial in gynecological problem, painful menstruation.

Note: People suffering from slip-disc, heart problem and ulcer, should not attempt this activity.

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