Gentle posture help to cure pelvis pain by strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and the groin. It provides elasticity to knees, hips and ankle-joints. Through this asana, the pelvis, abdomen and the back are stimulated and receive a good supply of blood. The main function of the asana is to keep the mind completely relaxed and cure pelvis pain , gynaecological problems.



Gentle Posture: Step-by-Step Instructions




1. Sit straight on the ground with the back straight.

2. Fold the two legs in such a way so that the feet touch each other face to face.

3. Pull inside both the feet towards the genital part as much as you can.

4. Press both the knees with both arms, back will remain straight.

5. Thigh and the knee part should remain touched with the ground.

6. Arms should be straight. Hold the position and count. Then take rest in Corpse pose

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