How to Gain Weight Fast and Be Healthy

1. Consult a dietitian and trainer to set the weight you need to gain.

2. Eat frequently! – Arrange to have 3 large meals and 2-3 snacks every day. Eat in more amount than normal portions for your meals

3. Eat food with higher calories & proteins like eggs, fish, meat, veggies, milk, protein supplements, fruits- bananas etc.

4. Have good sleep during the program for gaining weight.

5. To add calories, drink beverages like tea and coffee prepared in milk.

6. Avoid junk and sugary food.

7. You need to consume more calories every day than you burn with physical activity. This is one of the best way to gain weight fast.

Foods to gain weight fast

Best way to gain weight is to increase your calorie intake, choose foods that are higher in calories. Food items like potato chips, soft drinks, ramen noodles, frozen pizzas, macaroni and cheese mixes and other boxed meal mixes tend to be high in calories, but not very nutritious. Instead of junk foods, try to have high-calorie protein based foods that are good for you.


Toast with plenty of butter
Dried fruits and nuts
Omelet with cheese and vegetables
Milk or orange juice as beverages

Lunch or Dinner

Vegetables such as potatoes and corn . Increase intake of green and colorful vegetables
Fresh fish, poultry, eggs, or lean meat for protein. Extra Dal or Lentils
Add powdered milk to a creamed soup
Legumes, such as black beans.
Whole-grain pasta with extra cheese


Dried fruits
Apple slices with peanut butter
Nuts and seeds
100% fruit juice
Peanut butter, powdered milk, or protein powder added to a fruit milk shake.
Whole-grain crackers with cheese slices


1. Yoga Breathing:

These breathing exercises are important as they reduce stress, serve as relaxants and induce good sleep.

2. Sit-Up:

These exercises will increase muscular strength and stimulate your body into growth.

3. Leg Raising:

Strengthens the hips and abdominal muscles.

4. Lifting of Buttocks:

This weight lifting exercise increases your muscle mass and strength.


By exerting pressure on the abdomen, this pose helps in curing abdominal problems such as obesity, indigestion and constipation, thereby, increasing the appetite.

6. Rabit Pose:

Helps to balance the metabolic system and hormones as well as improves digestion.

7. Fish Posture:

Best way to gain weight This yogic posture stretches almost every portion of the body and helps in overall growth.

8. Half -Tortoise Posture:

Our body can be rejuvenated by performing this asana regularly and every organ of the body gets stretched to the maximum.

9. Breathing Exercises:

People who are underweight can greatly benefit from this as it enhances both physical and mental strength.


A relaxing posture which restores peace of mind.